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LED Light Strip 5M - RGB LED Strip Full Kit with Remote Control and Power Supply

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This roll of RGB (Red, Green, Blue) LED Strip Light is 5 meters long and has 60 LEDs per meter. Both ends of this 5-meter roll have wires with connectors pre-soldered so connecting is a breeze. Cut lines are spaced every 5cm so it can be cut very close to the desired length. The LEDs are protected by a thick, transparent, silicone jacket and the backing has double-sided adhesive tape which makes installation quite easy.

Unlike standard LED strip lighting, which is one color, this strip lighting can be almost any color by using the red, green, and blue channels in varying amounts. This specific model has a Common Anode (12V power in this case) and a separate Cathode (ground) for each of the three colors. Use any NPN or N-channel MOSFET (although the big powerful kind is good for a large strip) on each of the grounds and PWM them using a microcontroller for color-mixing.

These lights are weather-resistant and can be used for indoor and outdoor applications. While they can be placed outdoor; these LEDs are not designed to be submerged underwater or exposed directly to UV light (sunlight) so they should be sheltered from direct exposure to the elements.